About KR&A

KR&A is a European FinTech, specializing in alternative data for real estate investment. We offer investors, developers, and financiers solutions for improved returns and better risk management. We are experienced in valuing and assessing the outlook for real estate funds and companies across Europe. KR&A advises real estate investors about data, strategy, operations, and sustainability. We know data analytics and the resulting information have become competitive advantages. 

We assist in assets searches, perform automated due diligence, give second opinions and create bespoke research. We are bundling over sixty years of international real estate investment domain knowledge and are never deal-incentivized. As a result, our advice is sound, fully aligned, and unbiased by a need for a transaction.

A return to real estate fundamentals – with unbiased data

Fast, precise and off-market

We believe that clients can outperform by extracting more information from data. Our data tools allow them to interpret change more precisely and faster, so they can enhance their performance. Our clients are better informed, often with off-market information. Management teams and investors in real estate are turning to data for answers. We have focused on alternative data for real estate investment since 2014, after decades in listed European real estate investment, with Tier 1 institutions. We rank European locations and assets

All fundamental REIT scores

Our REIT scores run from 1 (low) to 6 (high) and are adjusted monthly, to reflect changes in underlying data. Our scores are not a buy or sell rating. A property company with weak fundamentals may have a great management team or vice versa. Our scores allow you to compare, rank, analyze and sometimes even predict the outlook of portfolios. They offer an important, growing, and often ignored part of the valuation puzzle. 

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A clear and genuine Pan-European perspective is rare. Data about European cities, regions, and real estate markets are often blurred or biased by marketing or transaction purposes of advisors or cities. Our region and city trends and scores are unrivaled and our fund and REIT scores are the result of an asset by asset analysis of fundamental strengths and weaknesses.



We operate with flexible teams that mix forward-looking real estate investment and data mining experience with innovative data science, computer skills, and urban design. Ernst-Jan de Leeuw has become senior advisor at KR&A in November 2017. He was previously International Director, Managing Director and REIT portfolio manager with Lasalle Investment Management.Guido Bunte joined KR&A as Managing Director recently. Guido spent twenty years in real estate and was an MD and member of the real estate management committee at Barings, after a career at Cornerstone, ABN, and Fortis. Maarten Reinders joined KR&A in 2021 as a non-executive, advising on organic and external growth, marketing, sales, and BtB SaaS.


KR&A was founded in January 2014 by Arjan Knibbe. Arjan has been a sell-side real estate analyst at Kempen & Co, UBS Investment Bank and ING, since 1994. He is a specialist in Continental European property companies and has advised large investors about the strategies, markets, valuation and outlook of these companies. He has been involved in a large number of equity raisings and IPOs, across Europe. Arjan has been a member of the EPRA best practice committee and teaches real estate investment at the MSRE course of the Amsterdam School of Real Estate.