Platform access to alternative data sources

We create off-market information for real estate investment with our European data research. Management teams may want to research all submarkets in a country or monitor all national property companies or international sector peers. Our data platform creates relevant information asymmetry in minutes, that would normally cost days to produce. As a result our clients know more about real estate assets both commercial real estate and residential real estate, and they know it before others do. 

We are offering tailored packages of alternative data for real estate, about REITs, German open ended funds, regions, cities or addresses. These packages are offered on our platform or as cleansed and normalised semi-raw alternative  data sets. Our data platform includes analytical tools, export options and geo-visualisations of all of Europe.

Many of us are at home in the Netherlands. Our local alternative data capacities are exceptionally strong and we offer clients access to our Dutch real estate data platform, and its extensive range of analytical tools. In addition, we can deliver all raw data that you require.  

Are you building a proprietary data infrastructure? Accelerate your development with our alternative data, portal or API access to our full alternative real estate data sets. Our data engineering is very robust and allows you to plug and play with our structured, verified and cleansed data. We update all data in line with your requirements. 

As an investor you understand the value of superior insights. We compare and rank listed and private property companies, based on demographics, income development, migration, competition, and many other factors. We share our alternative data sources with you. Property companies gain better insights in relative strengths and weaknesses.

KR&A portal

In recent years we have advised leading real estate companies. About scenarios for their portfolios, entering new or foreign markets and adding off-market data to their market intelligence systems. We have also sourced, selected, procured and designed data and information for leading property companies to support decisions about alternative uses of real estate. 

We built a system for the optimisation of flexible office locations. We provided interim management to a leading banks’ real estate finance global research department and contributed to their FinTech initiatives. We write bespoke research about real estate companies, portfolios, markets or scenarios that are relevant for you. 

We offer sound, non-deal driven advice, including due diligence, discrete second opinions and high quality, data-based whitepapers.